Our underlying philosophy is to play for the love of the game and enjoy all that you do. We nurture cricketers from a young age up until the highest level to ensure that they play consistently without any pressure of putting runs on the board or taking wickets. The real focus still remains on the manner in which one plays the game. We persist in expressing our self with no hesitations be it batting, bowling or fielding so that an aspiring cricketer who spends hours on the ground feels a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for the time invested in learning.

Tribute to the coach of the mentor

Rahul Dewan, through Bluecap, expresses immense admiration and gratitude to his coach Sh.Tarak Sinha whose contribution to Indian Cricket is unparalleled.The Unsung hero of Indian cricket, Sh.Tarak Sinha has produced 12 international and more than 150 First Class cricketers for the country so far with Rishabh Pant being the most recent to play for India. Bluecap aspires to follow the path laid out by him to help young cricketers fulfill their dream of wearing the BlueCap of the Indian Cricket Team.

Programs Overview

Kick-Starters Program: (5-9 years)

The program is designed to introduce kids to the game of cricket. It enables them to fully express their love for the game and experience the joy of playing the sport with other kids of the same age under the guidance of trained coaches. With this group, the focus is on developing motor skills and team spirit at a young age, thus laying the foundation for the development program.

Development Program: (9-12 years)

The Objective of this program is to build a strong base of cricket skills through the development of Technical, Physical and Mental domains of Batting, Bowling and Fielding aspects of cricket. Once the technical requirements are rooted into the Trainees, they are then encouraged to take up specific skills to develop their Game in their specialised area.

Performance Program: (12 years+)

Our top of the pyramid program, through intensive on-field and off-field training sessions and fitness sessions. This program bridges the gap between recreational cricket and Professional cricket. The emphasis in this group, is to prepare the trainees comprehensively to perform to their full potential in all school, club and state level age group cricket while keeping their own distinct style of playing.

Trainee of the Month

Name- Aarav Fotedar
D.O.B- 5th October 2005
Program: Performance

Our Testimonial

The Core

Rahul Dewan

Mentor & Batting Specialist

His thorough understanding of batting technique and mindset required to succeed at various age group level and across all formats of the game makes him an ideal batting specialist.

Dhruv Singh

Bowling & Fielding Consultant

An Elite Ranji Trophy player for Haryana and Himachal Pradesh for over 8 years, Dhruv is an all rounder who has been instrumental in guiding his state teams to key victories on numerous occasions.

Sandeep Raj

High Performance Specialist

Sandeep is a Graduate in Information Technology from Loyola College, Chennai with 7+ years of experience in Sports Technology and Performance Analysis at Sports Mechanics.

Harshal Patel

High Performance Specialist

The India Under-19 and Under-23 Fast bowler with "the Big Outswinger" is the spearhead of Haryana Ranji Trophy Team. Since his debut in 2011-12 where he announced himself at the Ranji Trophy

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